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Cleanses Available

Make any cleanse a Graduate by adding Super Foods for each day. For each day a Tumeric Shot and Chia Seeds are added.

  • Subscription Cleanse
Choose Between:
12 Juices Per Month (2-Day Cleanse)
6 Juices Per Month (1-Day Cleanse)

Order Your Juice Monthly & Save
  • The Original Juice Cleanse per day
Golden: carrot // orange // grapefruit 
Glorious: romaine // cucumber // pineapple // cilantro 
Giving: beet // pear // apple // lime // ginger 
Glitzy : apple // pear // pineapple 
Goodness: kale // celery // apple // mint 
Glee: almonds // alkaline water // local honey // cinnamon 

  • All Greens Juice Cleanse per day
Goodness (x2): apple // kale // celery // mint 
Glorious (x2): romaine // cucumber // pineapple // cilantro
Goatocado (x2): green apple // lime // cucumber // romaine // kale // celery // cilantro // mint 

What comes with a Ginger Juice cleanse?

Cleanses can be ordered for 1 day (6 bottles), 2 days (12 bottles), or 3 days (18 bottles. They can be picked up at the Village Shopping Center Monday through Friday.  You will receive one of each of our wonderful flavors, a recommendation for the order to drink them, and a cleanse FAQ document.  

Ginger Juice is here for you as you cleanse!  Here are some of the most commonly asked cleanse questions: 

Why a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is for anyone who wants to help their body perform at optimal health.  Our lives are busy and it’s harder and harder to find time to eat healthy and do something good for yourself!

There are lots of benefits to juicing (more energy, radiant skin, etc.) but the real reason to do a juice cleanse is to shift your mind and body to a more peaceful, natural state.  Give yourself a chance to detoxify your cluttered thoughts while enjoying less processed foods.

There are no limits to what you can accomplish in your life, so give your body the help it needs to function at optimal levels! Your body is your instrument so take it for a tune-up and feel clearer, more optimistic and rejuvenated on the inside, and radiant and lean on the outside! 

How should I prepare for a cleanse?

To get the maximum benefit from your cleanse, you will want to eliminate some things from your diet a few days leading up to the cleanse.  Alcohol, caffeine and smoking should definitely go.  You can also consider eliminating corn, cow’s milk, eggs, gluten, red meat, shellfish and white sugar.  Remember, you are preparing your body to have totally raw produce.  Replace the items above with organic vegetables, brown rice, beans, lean protein, fruits and nuts.

Can I eat on a cleanse and will I lose weight?

We recommend that you stick with the juices during your cleanse period.  If you must snack, some suggestions are cucumber, apple, or raw almonds.  It may be tough to get through the first day, but your body will thank you.  You can do it! 

Should I continue with my daily routine while on a cleanse?

Yes, there is no reason why a cleanse should interrupt your day-to-day, but make sure that you pick a day (or 3) where you can do something nice for yourself (like get a massage or pedicure), and don’t exercise as much as you normally would (skip the gym and go for a walk outside instead, or do a relaxing yoga session).

Make sure you stay completely hydrated during your cleanse - drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.  If you experience a headache during the first day of your cleanse, it could be because you are dehydrated.

How often should I cleanse?

How often to cleanse is a personal decision (and one you should talk with a healthcare professional about).  People cleanse as often as once a month or during a change in season.  However, making juice a part of your daily life will produce great benefits!  Whether you get your juice from Ginger Juice or make it yourself, a daily dose of fruits and veggies will do a body good!